Friday, July 30, 2010

Important Questions

I'm just blogging out of control lately. You're welcome. Today, I decided to get off of my rump and enjoy some time NOT sitting on the couch sulking in my own dental despair. I guess I haven't updated about this. I've been on drugs and without solid foods since my visit to the dentist on Tuesday. It. has. sucked. I'll spare you the specifics. Sunday, I'm going to officially act like I'm finished teething and eat chips and queso. Queso is actually what brought me to this admittedly pointless post. In day dreaming of my reunion with chips and cheese, I was reminded of a trip I took to Austin in which I saw a license plate that said "QUESO". (I think this person and I would be friends. I also think this was a sign from God that Austin is where I need to be.) Anyway...this (naturally) led me here: [not so] important questions.

1. If I could choose any combination of letters and numbers to put on my license plate, what would I choose? HOTBABE4U obviously came to mind immediately.

2. Mannequins: creepier with or without faces? (i.e. Old Navy mannequins vs. your standard mannequin)

3. I saw a slew of birds attacking each other on a power line today. I wondered what the world be like if we could go around randomly punching each other. Then I wondered which of my friends would be very happy with this new social norm. And then I thought of this.

4. Has anyone ever had a gigantic 5-tiered angel food cake as their wedding cake? I hope I can find someone to hook me up with this when the time comes.

5. Taco Bell packets come with little phrases on them. It is someone's JOB to come up with crap to put on there. That's not really a question. But...really?

6. Why doesn't Randy Jackson whiten his bottom teeth as well? The contrast is incredible.

7. Why does Daniel Tosh always refer to the movie Couples Retreat? At least 2 episodes. Promise. I mean, he can do what he wants because he's funny and cute. Still...I noticed, Dan.

8. Does Daniel Tosh act brutally offensive towards girls on dates? This, of course, is of personal concern.

9. Why do men wear Speedos? What is comfortable about constricting spandex and hairy thigh exposure? I want to conduct a survey about this matter, but I think I'd even feel awkward standing next to a man in a Speedo. I mean, I'm going to be real. "Bulge." Sick. Perhaps by phone. Or by mail.

10. Why the heck does Jersey Shore exist?

11. Where can I ride a train in the U.S.? No, not the kiddie train that goes through the Katy Mills Mall. I want to get in a real train and travel that way. Ideas?

12. How are Blockbuster and Hastings doing financially? I wonder how long it will be before Red Box and Netflix take over. Is it ok to hate those guys? My hometown is now officially without a rental facility you can actually step inside of. Lame. Browsing is all the fun.

13. Will I resent my child while I'm pregnant because I can't have my standard level of caffeine? My poor baby. And husband during this weening process.

14. Warm toilet seat or cold toilet seat. Which is worse to sit on initially?

Ok...because I know the toilet seat question is obviously most important and may require serious thought, I'll stop here. I'd love your answers. And your questions. Go.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Waffle House Research

Ok, guys. I've been doing research on this Waffle House debacle. I've kind of come to love this place. In fact, I think I may find one and pay a visit this weekend. I don't know if I'll be ordering any of the food, but perhaps I can stand to drink the coffee and read a book for the ambiance of it all. I bet it's a friggin' sweet place for people-watching. Or, for engaging in conversations with creepy truckers or other distinguished patrons. There are, indeed, some interesting things to know about Waffle House. (And yes, I have a life. What gave you the preposterous idea that I don't? Geez.)

#1: It opened a long time ago. In 1955, the first Waffle House was opened by a couple of chums who still run the joints today. By the end of the '70s they had 401 restaurants. (Now, about 1,600.) Everything was so much cooler before I was born. Sometimes, this elicits an emotional response deep inside that resembles that of being pissed off. But I think the waitresses looked so glamorous back in the day. If I lived back then and could wear my hair that way with the cute outfit, I'd work at the Waffle House, for sure. There was just something special about the lady at the diner in those days. Now, the lady at the diner is usually missing a tooth, has a raspy voice and a smoker's cough. Is that rude and prejudice of me? Sorry. She's probably really sweet.

#2: The Waffle House reopened its original location in Georgia for a museum in 2007. That's right. A Waffle House Museum. I wish I had known this during my trip. I don't exactly know what this museum houses, but this is what the Waffle House website says it looks like. I think it's so cool that all the visitors have old cars. It really contributes to the history of the place. Wait..

#3: According to a USA Today article, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lived off of grits and eggs at the Waffle House while he was traveling a tiny wrestling circuit making $40 a day. Who doesn't love The Rock and his tough exterior, yet, ever-so-tender interior in movies such as The Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan? His bod doesn't suck either. If you're into rock-hard muscles and sexy tattoos. But who'd secretly be into that?

#4: The Waffle House includes a "Featured Waffle House Regular" on its website. With every refresh you get to meet a person who adores the Waffle House, hear their sweet sentimental story, and their favorite thing to order. I think I have a new item to add to my bucket list.

#5: An Anderson Cooper 360 correspondent also noticed the abundance of Waffle Houses while touring the Florida panhandle to talk to people about the oil spill. His curiosity motivated him to visit this fascinating "house of waffles". He so thoroughly enjoyed himself that he, too, was moved to blog about it. In his blog he mentioned the no-nonsense way you get what you order at the Waffle House. And, the innovative way you don't have to ask for a refill of coffee. Instead, the waitress just, like, walks by and GIVES it to you. Gosh, what a brilliant concept. I couldn't help but wonder where this guy has been eating all his life.

#6: Probably the most interesting thing about Waffle House is what happened in 2008. Beginning in a restaurant in Georgia, and in 30 others by 2009, The Waffle House began providing "by reservation only" candlelight service on Valentine's Day. That's right, guys. Nothing says "I love you" like sharing a stack of waffles while sitting right next to your honey in a sticky booth. I joke, but I do think this would be a fun date. I'm interested. Now, no need to fight, boys. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day so there will be ample opportunity to go with each of you on Valentine's Day 2011. Holla and I'll pencil you in :)

Ok, to wrap it up, I'll leave you with the link to the Waffle House "Fun Facts" page. Because who ISN'T curious about the distance the bacon served each year would reach if placed end-to-end?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thoughts on The Dirty South and Etcetera

So, I went on a road trip to Savannah, GA. It was quite pleasant. I have decided that Texas is the smartest of the south, however. Other states down here just aren't wise about the way they lay cities or how they appropriately place their businesses for convenient highway access. They also have no idea how to clearly word road signs. And...they have far too many Waffle Houses. How are these places still in business? Have you ever seen a car at a Waffle House? No, you haven't. So it boggles me that not only do Waffle Houses still exist, but that you'll find one at each exit. I'm dying to learn more about this chain and its operators.

I've been thinking a lot about autumn today. I'm freaking excited. It's just the best time of the year, hands down. I mean, you have World Series action, the beginning of football season and basketball season soon after. Your favorite shows come back on. Everything smells better. Have you ever noticed that? The trees turn pretty colors. The temperature is just right and I can save the world one pair of pants at a time by covering my pasty legs back up. Autumn wins. I'll get married in the fall. Count on it.

So...Georgia. It was magical. Savannah is the sweetest place. I couldn't imagine calling a place like that my home. (Pictures are available here.) If anyone knows me, they know my affection for old things. That makes Savannah a prime destination for a Coby vacay. Do you ever feel all weird when you're standing in a place so many people have been before you? a place where you know that there was once nothing until someone created a something a long time ago and that something is still standing right before you. Ya know? haha...that made total sense, right? But really...historical sites and buildings blow my mind. It's so eerie. In a cool way.

Speaking of eerie, I saw Inception last night. I'm pretty sure that is the most complex and ingenious thing I've seen in a long time. Perhaps ever. I couldn't help but consider the mind of the writer. I'm so mediocre. From there I began contemplating reality and almost had a panic attack in the theater, so I ate more Raisinets and moved on with life. But seriously...see Inception. I'll go with you.

That's all I've got today, guys. I'm pretty worthless and kind of ready to go back to work. In the meantime I'll go work on my bucket list and Google "Waffle House". Stay classy :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another List

As inspired by my 25th birthday and a recent photo album I viewed on Facebook (thank you, Penny Lueders, for your Hershey's pictures :) ) I have been considering my bucket list. What do I want to do before I die? I'm sure this list won't ever be exhaustive, but I have come up with a few things thus far.

1. Obviously, my muse: visit the Hershey's factory.
2. Travel through a significant amount of Europe. Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy, and England over and over again.
3. Write a book. Most likely a children's book. I might be able to generate enough pages for a short story. We'll see.
4. Own and operate a coffee shop/bakery...perhaps even a B&B.
5. Play the tambourine and sing back up vocals for a band.
6. Take a ballet class.
7. Improve my piano skills for the sole purpose of playing at church when I'm old.
8. Renovate an old house. Preferably a house with wood flooring, arched doorways and a white picket fence.
9. Plant a garden that grows all of the produce I need for cooking.
10. Make babies.
11. Spend a summer teaching or talking about Jesus in another country.
12. Buy a freaking huge and expensive camera.
13. Learn to play a video game like Halo or Modern Warfare.
14. Read the classics. All the Hemingway, Faulkner, Poe, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Dumas etc. I can stand.
15. Complete a crossword puzzle from the NY Times without cheating.
16. Eat a hot dog at Wrigley Field.
17. Learn about wine. Not so much that I'm obnoxious, but enough.
18. Surf.
19. Speak a sexy amount of French.
20. Experience a rap concert.

Ok...20 is a good, solid, round number to end on. Hopefully I'll add to this as I mark things off. I'm a quarter of a century old now. I should probably get started. Tomorrow, I'll begin reading The Count of Monte Cristo as my official bucket list kick-off. I just realized that none of my items are dangerous or risky. I think I lack adventure. Therefore, I'll add another.
21. Hike through Costa Rica or climb a mountain OR go white water rafting. Or all three.
Ok, that's the list. 21 is better than 20. A winning hand adds up to 21 in black jack, you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, and 50 Cent had 21 questions. I like 21. What's on your list?