Sunday, December 5, 2010

everything's right tonight *clapclap clap*

Before it gets deep up in here, random stuff:

I spent an entire trip to work this week considering what I'd sing if I auditioned for American Idol. Decision: Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

I'm Tweeting. Well, let me rephrase this. I'm on Twitter, following a whole lot of people, and not being followed. So I don't Tweet much, because I'd be Tweeting to myself. That's really dumb. Follow me so I'm not dumb.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading edited by Dave Eggers. Just do it.

Satellite Radio is overrated.

Matt Wertz, if you're reading this: I want to be your wife.

Christmas time is magical. So magical, my taste in entertainment changes completely and I find it acceptable to watch an entire movie on the Hallmark Channel starring Candace Cameron. But when I consider this further, Christmas and DJ Tanner. Who really could say no?

Ok, guys. Time for some thoughts on Jesus stuff.

So, unrequited love. That's a motha, right? We've all been there. I was just there recently when I enjoyed a big bowl of Mongolian food. I loved didn't love me back...
[insert the "I just told a joke" drums in response to my toilet humor. What's the name for that drum sequence, anyway? Googling this soon.]

Like any young, single girl not harboring a dark soul, I've loved. My singleness should lead you to understand that this didn't work out for me. I wasn't loved back. More importantly...I wasn't loved enough. Instead of dwelling on these past loves, I've used them for the lessons learned. In every not-so-successful experience, I've gained knowledge about myself and my expectations. And so, as part of knowing myself, (and not in response to a romantic movie I saw at all, psshff), I started thinking recently about the way I want to be loved. What it looks like, what it sounds like, the ways I'll know it's real. And boys who probably don't read my blogs, you'll be surprised to know, it has nothing to do with grand gestures. Those can get old. Once, twice..awesome. They're necessary. But when it comes to loving someone, girls want the little things. And often.

I want to be encouraged. I want to be talked to. I want to be texted something funny. I want to be asked about my day. I want thoughtful consideration in getting me that sewing kit I mentioned in passing. I want my favorite song to remind them of me. I want time and adventures with that person.

I say all of this not as a part of an eHarmony profile, but to bring me to the purpose of this post. When I began considering the ways I want to be loved--truly loved--I began to recognize the incredibly shoddy job I do of showing God my love. Being in love with someone looks a certain way. Real love is constant. It's hard to stop thinking about this person. It's wanting to do things that bring this person joy. It's staying up all night telling each others' stories.

Basically, I've realized I'm a terrible girlfriend to God. (That sounds lame...but work with me here.) We're in love, God and me. He's been wonderful, too. That whole dying for me thing. His Grand Gesture. And then the little things He does for me every day. Giving me life, pretty sunrises, autumn breezes, providing for every need, reminding me constantly that I'm loved. And what does He receive in return? I sit on the couch watching Conan in silence. I tell Him goodnight and just go to bed. Sometimes, I ignore Him completely. He doesn't even get mad and start suffocating me with a whole bunch of drama. He just lets me make my selfish decisions, all the while loving me just as much. What is He thinking? He should dump me. Anyway...see where I'm going with this? I have all of these ways I want to be loved--the ways I AM loved by God. And if we're going to be real here, God IS love. Therefore, if I am not loving Him the same ways in return, I'm not loving at all. That's really all I have to say about it. I just want to do a better job of showing God how much I love Him. Because I know from experience how badly it sucks to not be loved the same way in return. Lucky for me, God doesn't psycho text. I gotta work on it.

Well, my coffee is cold. I'm tree? [punch line drum roll],

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I make dough, but don't call me "doughboy".

In case you were wondering what kind of stuff I'm up to when I'm alone in my classroom with a whole lot of coffee at 7:45am, here's an idea.

An Ode to Tuesday

You're premature, you're average.
The city uses you for garbage.
The most unimportant of days.
Too close to Monday, they say.
But me, I disagree.
I look forward to you all week.
Tuesday, you are Heaven.
I don't leave the house until 7:00.
I snooze for an hour
Cause I don't have to shower
(My hygiene is fine, don't worry.)
To school and a meeting
No kids I'll be greeting
(Until the bell rings at 9:03)
But the cherry on top, you're library day!
They come in, and I send them away!
45 minutes, class is halfway done.
Back to me with books, they come.
No simile, no metaphor, no "Stop hitting him in the head!"
No writing, no worksheets, no lesson, instead...
I say to them with a joyful sigh,
with a Tuesday twinkle in my squinty eyes,
"Hey, kids! Glad you're back!
Now read a whole lot while I relax."

I've been lame all my life. But this profession has really taken it over the top.

In other news, the index finger of life is poking me in the eyeball repeatedly. It's fine. But in order to distract myself from everything, I've been goal orienting my life. Don't confuse this with problem avoidance. Simply coping. Here is a list of goals so far. Because as we all know, blogging about lists and goals is what I do.

1. Training for the Austin Half Marathon. 2.20.11. My training schedule has been written with pen in my planner. This means I have to. Mostly because I don't want to be a loser. But also, because I'll have to scratch out everything I wrote and make my planner ugly if I cancel these plans. That's not cool.

2. Find an opportunity to wear really red lipstick.

3. Create something. This goal needs some refining. Basically, there will be something pretty that didn't exist before, because of me. Stay tuned.

4. Plan a trip.

5. Take a serious hike. Perhaps wear the brown boyscout boots that go along with this. Something wild like that.

6. Get my tattoo.

7. Redecorate my apartment.

8. Read the New York Times every day.

9. Wear something other than my TOMS and boots to work. I need variety. And these are beginning to smell. Which also means I get to shoe shop. [High-five to self.]

10. Shave my legs regularly even though it's almost winter.

11. Cook things that aren't prepackaged and microwavable. I'm tampering with vegetarianism again, P.S. Before you tell me I'm stupid, ask questions, and roll your eyes, let me just say this:
Shut up.

12. Figure out a way to get my hands on an iPad.

13. Refrain from slapping students.

14. Get addresses and write notes.

15. Decide my stance on the Beatles on iTunes thing while I wait ever-so-patiently for John Mayer's retort to Taylor Swift's "Dear John". Say something mean, d-bag. I dare you.

16. Find the humor in everything.

17. Organize car. I think I'll put things in a storage bin in the back. That way, at least it's contained crap.

18. Pay some attention to my tumblr account. Idea: document the ridiculous stuff that happens to me on a daily basis. I.e. ruining graded papers with a bottle of water, bleeding pen on pants, car turns itself off mid-turn, butt crack in the air at the top of a gigantic public slide, etc.

19. Put away the damn laundry.

20. Live.

I thought living would be a good goal to include. Anyway. That's what's up with me. I'm off to spend some time with Texas Pecan coffee, Glee, and goal work. Talk to you over the holidays, perhaps? Be blessed, friends. xoxo :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

here's my heart, o, take and seal it. seal it for Thy courts above.

Decision: I'm going to ACL every year until I die. I will even leave the nursing home to attend this weekend of music. (Supervised, of course.) It was perfect. The experience, the bands, the food, the weather, everything. But I definitely enjoyed my company the most. Many memories and many laughs. Huge reminder of how much I can't wait to move back to Austin. That place is the bomb. I think I like it so much because no matter what, there's always someone weirder than you. It's quite liberating. Just ask my Vampire Weekend, Muse, and Switchfoot dance moves.

So, I'm not gonna lie, guys. I think this is going to be a heavy post. I've just had so much in my head and heart lately. Have you ever just come to a point of peace and realization so freakin' sweet that it makes your insides joyful? Like, a realization so strong that you can't wait for the end of that enlightening solo road trip so that you can start living the thought. This happens to me frequently on a more shallow basis most of the time. You that summer I became a vegetarian, or that one time in college I decided to get a perm. Ok, maybe these are terrible, hasty examples. I promise that the latest moment in the car was better than these, even if it is hard to imagine.
Starting from the beginning...basically, I'd been considering the verse in Matthew 6: "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." It just really stood out one day. So much so, it became a Facebook status. I know, right? Big time. Well, around the same time I came across this, I was jamming to Mumford & Sons' "Awake My Soul." In the song, they so beautifully sing, "In this body you will live. In this body, you will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life."

"Hmm," I thought. "I wonder if they love Jesus. It certainly seems to surround the concept of that verse I read the other day. Treasures. I should consider this." So, I kinda did. Then, I kinda didn't.

Not even kidding, maybe the next day, I read a C.S. Lewis quote. "Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind."

What the...? Another something about earthly treasures? It was about this time I felt God was trying to tell me something. So...I prayed about it. "Lord...what do you want me to gain here? What are you asking me to think upon? Speak to my heart, and help me to listen. And please make rainbows actually rain Skittles. Amen."

Right away, God told me to shut up and sit down. I don't think He said it quite like THAT, but I did feel that I needed to slow down from the daily toil and take time for what He was obviously asking me to see. From this, I felt the strongest urge to write--to simply sit down with my journal and make a list of the things I treasure. What's important to me? What do I believe? What do I compromise? And most importantly, where is God in all of this?

And so, I started thinking about my worldly treasures. Music, travel, relationships, the Internet (yeah..lame, you say. But think about how pissy you get when your Net is down and then say something.), goals, stories (books/movies), art, landscapes, my nieces, opportunity...

Welp, that was easy. Conclusion: I like the world, pretty things, and I want to stay here as long as I can. I love Jesus, too. The end.'s where the car comes in. I was doing what I do: jamming. The album of choice was Jon Foreman's "Limbs and Branches". Well...a lyric in one of his songs says:

"Friend, all along I thought I was learning how to take. How to bend, not how to break. How to live, not how to cry. But really I've been learning how to die."

Dang, right? My thoughts, exactly. At this moment, it all came together for me. Everything I'd been considering. Everything I'd been trying to figure out. The something I wanted to learn from all that God was making me notice.

In everything I heard/read, I was reminded that Heaven is awaiting me. Nothing on this earth--not a problem, not a love, not a fear, not a moment, nothing--matters in comparison to eternity. Nothing I've touched, nothing I've done, nothing I didn't do, nothing on my list of TO-do can come with me. My treasures are simply illusions in this temporary home that God is using to mold me. To make me. To prepare me for His Kingdom. The treasures I had previously listed--my interests, my passions, my relationships, my struggles, my opportunities, my time--are all part of the process. They all shape my heart and play a role in who I am becoming. The reason this is such a big deal to me is because I realized suddenly that in all of this crap, God too often takes a back seat, and it's really not cool. What am I loving most, even on earth? Am I sure it's Jesus? And if I am, could anyone tell? Where is my heart and where am I investing my life? Is it in on things above? What am I doing that is glorifying God? Basically...I'm not satisfied with the answers to my questions. I've got to put the Lord before all of the junk. I'm leaving it all behind anyway. I want to serve. I want to spend time on earth that resounds in eternity. I want to think about souls and hearts, not schedules and possessions. I want my heart to already be in Heaven. I want to be fearless.

And so, I leave you challenged. And I leave you with the utmost hope that I'm able to put away what's unnecessary and live simpler with Christ. To love what God loves. To invest my heart where the Lord invests His. To make myself uncomfortable and less reliant on what I treasure.

Yeah, all of that in 2 weeks and 120 miles. I'm still not sure of the rest. I don't know if I know what this looks like yet. But I'm still listening and if nothing else, that's where my heart is now. Which is so much better than Love. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm rocking the suburbs just like Michael Jackson did.

Ingredients for an A+ weekend:

knitting needles
$12.99 candles from Target
evening streets
sweet dance moves while walking down said streets
a cute grocer
sunflowers to me, from me
best friend
fair trade coffee
yoga pants
Judy Garland
a bottle of Ménage à Trois
Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray
Hobby Lobby
gummy worms
mini homemade spinach and cheese pizza
a Martha Stewart Living publication
autumn sunshine

Yeah. All of that happened. Awesome weekend.

I spent this awesome weekend doing these awesome things alone with the exception of a morning jog with the BFF. Because I live by myself, this is often the case. Given the fact that I work with 80 6th graders 5 of 7 days a week, this does not make me sad at all. I love being alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a loser or anti-social (most of the time), but I more often than not would rather be quiet, listen to music, and read. Although roommates have their perks, such as gossiping about TV characters as if they're our friends and contributing to the toilet paper supply, living alone is nice, too. It allows me to take sporadic naps and leave my yogurt container on the ground for as long as I want without the motivation that possible judgment brings. Most importantly, it allows much time for pointless thought. And so, here is a glimpse of the things I considered this weekend when I wasn't Facebooking you:

What's worse?
A finger in your can of soup.
A snake pops out of the toilet hole thingy while you're sitting on it.

Slippery banana peels. Cartoons and Mario Kart made me believe these were dangerous. Who is the originator of this idea? Even so, if I see one in the parking lot, I am going to warn you so as to prevent you from stepping on it, or running it over. Or maybe I won't, for 2 reasons: 1. To validate or nullify this theory. 2. People falling down is funny.

I mostly don't care what other people think of your status. If you were notified that I commented on it or liked it, and then you notice it's gone: it is.

How many girls REALLY care about football? And how many girls say they do to impress that boy they're dating/interested in? Ok, sure. We're old enough now to not be so easily influenced by that dreamboat. But, I also believe that if a girl is legitimately interested in this sport, this interest started in 5th grade when the boy she wanted to end up married to in MASH was wearing a Dallas Cowboys/Houston Oilers Starter jacket.

If you're not holding a stereo above your head John Cusack style, then no, darling. I will not marry you.

Remember that one time I wanted a puppy and I asked you guys to talk me out of it on Facebook? You completely failed. The only thing keeping my feet on the ground in regard to this topic is how much I'd rather buy that $50 fedora from Urban Outfitters and not spend it on chew toys and vet bills. Although, which is the better investment for snagging a super hot boyfriend? A fabulous wardrobe accessory, or the conversation-starting, adorable puppy that gets off of his leash and runs in the direction of the boy reading C.S. Lewis on the bench at the park down my street. I'll chase after him, cute boy will pet cute puppy, our eyes will meet, and we'll exchange witty banter until it gets dark. Psshhff, no. I haven't thought about this or watched too many romantic comedies.

IS this whole Joaquin Phoenix thing a prank? I was a semi-second away from renting Casey Affleck's documentary about him on iTunes last night, but then stopped myself when I thought about how pissed I'd be if I spent $7.00 to watch a publicity stunt. I also decided that regardless the fact or fiction of his new persona, the majority of me wants to punch him in the face and not spend time frustrated and uncomfortable witnessing a bearded douche bag attempt to rap. I opted for A Star is Born with Judy Garland instead. Which, unlike my choice to wear white and drink red wine with the knowledge of my consumption spill track record, proves that I mostly make excellent decisions.

I think I'm the only person in Texas not watching football today. Instead, I'm off to the coffee shop to read what I know will be absolutely enthralling 6th grade personal narratives about a memorable day. I think I'm going to see if this place is accepting applications so I can earn some extra cash and do research for my retirement plan. I am a full-time teacher and have a master's degree, and I'm still nervous they won't hire me. You guys be good to each other. Until next time. :) xoxo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm ringing all the warning bells...

What's better than a double nonfat latte, a fat piece of carrot cake, and Pandora Radio on the first day of autumn? That's right, hoes. Nothing at all.
I'm disgustingly happy right now. This time of year is perfect. I won't repeat myself in regard to my feelings on fall, but holy crap. It hasn't even fully begun, and my mood has already significantly improved. So, don't feel uncomfortable if I'm looking at you with a creepy smile. It's not you or your face. It's a cornucopia of joyful autumn thoughts. (You like that lameness? Blame my profession.)

You know what I hate? Listening to music and hearing a song from the past that makes you want to jump off of a bridge. That's dramatic. Perhaps eyeball gouging is more accurate. Or, not really. The point life has a soundtrack. Songs remind me of people, stages, events. Sometimes they remind me of things I don't want to remember. I try not to feel animosity towards anyone or anything for ruining a song for me, but it happens. Animosity, that is. Lucky for the general population my animosity isn't that dangerous or scary. But still, it exists. [Insert silent rage fist in the air gesture here.] I won't turn this post into an Alanis Morissette song. But darn you, song ruiners. Darn you.

You know what else I hate? Feeling awkward in front of my students. I say "crap" and "suck" a lot. They just roll off my tongue naturally when I'm telling a story, or explaining things in a kid-friendly, nontechnical way. I mean, it's a habit. They always look at each other with a smile and surprised eyes when I say things. I'm pretty sure these are bad words in 6th grade. Opinions on this? I usually just tell them to grow up. I've said "poopy" before, too. Poor children. Maybe I suck. Crap, I don't know.

I'm at a coffee shop pretending to be a college kid whilst I create PowerPoints for lesson plans. There's an open mic. People are brave, and I'll leave it there. I did get to hear a cover of The Decemberists and now Tracy Chapman. I specifically remember the first time I saw Tracy Chapman. It was a very controversial moment in my life. I studied my mom's CD case for the longest time trying to figure out the sex of the person in the white button-down shirt and braids. I don't know when I finally reached a conclusion, or if I ever did. Weird day to remember, but it's remembered. And I'll sing "Fast Car" every time it's on. And when I say sing, I mean quickly mumble lyrics I don't know at all. "laldkfjldkj got a fast car. dlfkjalkfj got a ticket to anywhere. aklkjdfkj make a decision. laksjfldkjf or live and die this way." That's what it's like. No need to thank me for the clarification. And did I really just blog about Tracy Chapman?

Ok, friends. Talk to you soon. Tosh in 9 days. ACL in 15. If I cussed much, I'd cuss. Like, real cuss words. I'm that excited. xoxo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...and so here we go, bluebird.

New music makes me the happiest person. When I listen to a new album, it's an intense thing. You'd be uncomfortable and bored if you joined me. Kind of like watching your grandma poop. (Too much? I'm sorry.)
Basically, I sit with a beverage, open the digital booklet, and play the entire thing from start to finish, reading the lyrics as I listen in total concentration. Then, I play it again and just listen. And then one more time as a background to other activities so as to measure the motivation it gives me to be a productive citizen. For example, in listening to Sara Bareilles' new album in my apartment today, I found myself actually considering folding the clean laundry that's been sitting on my couch for 3 days. Then, I drank more wine.

In other news, I had the quintessential sucky rain experience today. It started with a wet car seat. I have no idea how this seat became wet. Sometimes my car decides to allow water inside. You mean yours doesn't? So, of course, I see water, and still, proceed to sit on water. Thus, creating the ever-so-comfortable "swamp-ass" effect. Undoubtedly, on the day I get the butt of my gray dress wet, I'm starving and out of food so I must venture to the grocery store. That was fine. Except for the awkward way I always put entirely too much into the cute little shopping basket. I consistently choose to carry those regardless of how much I might get, because they're way more glamorous than pushing around what will most definitely be the loudest, crappiest buggy in the store. However, it never fails that I put so much into the little basket that I no longer look cute, but instead, like a total dork struggling to carry the over-stocked grocery basket with two hands. Today I actually had to stop and pick things up that were falling out of it while also carrying other miscellaneous items in my armpit region. (I hope you're enjoying the accurate visual of the wet assed girl picking Lean Cuisines up off the ground.) I obviously lose and will never meet my husband at a grocery store. Unless he's into retards.
I digress.
After I get my groceries bagged (in paper, of course, because it's hip to be green), I head to the door and realize it's pouring steadily. I make a run for it with my hands full. Duh. I insert Toms into the gigantic puddle resembling the parking lot and splash around a bit. Paper bag begins to tear. I stop to catch it and get rained on for a solid amount of time. I kick more water, make it to my car, and throw bags inside. One spills. It's cool. This just means I can more conveniently reach the grapes and eat them on the drive home.
In situations like this, I wish I were the onlooker and not the victim. But such is usually my life and I've gotten used to it. Follow me around and 9 times out of 10 you'll witness something embarrassing or stupid. You'll probably also get lost.

I have crap to look forward to, y'all.
1. I take my first ever ballet class on Monday, September 13th. This could be the greatest idea I've ever had, or a complete disaster. You will be informed. Either way, I'm psyched.
2. I'm going to see a cute boy with a cute boy (and a cute couple) on October 2. Daniel Tosh is incredibly offensive, but I can't help myself. I will laugh and feel guilty for doing so all at the same time.
3. I have literally been waiting 6 years to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Six years being the amount of time I spent as a poor college kid, as opposed to a not-as-poor teacher. Jess and I had tickets one year and had to bail because hurricane Rita came to town and the roads were insane with evacuees. Now, 5 years later, I have a 3-day pass to what I assume will be the greatest weekend of my life. Not to mention, I'll be with some super cool girls. AND in the ATX. These things are excellent. Hurry, October 8th.
4. I'm going to freaking Alaska November 18-22. (I used declarative punctuation in what should be an exclamatory statement simply because exclamation points can be cheesy, and the last thing I need is a cheesy blog.) My sweet friend, Leslie, has been living there for a year now and I think it's about time I visit. She moved there because she felt like it. She's basically my hero. It'll be really cold. I have to go shopping. We have fun together. This is really a win win win. (Not to be confused with go, fight, win.)
5. I'm going to go ahead and say autumn is here. The weather doesn't quite reflect this yet, but it's in my heart. And because Starbucks is the ruler of all and they've brought back the pumpkin spice latte, I'd say move over, summer. Autumn in the house. Booya. (I don't know why I went there either.)
6. The knitting needles are out. First project: a blanket large enough to cover a small child. I'll post progress because I know things like that are of high-interest to the blogging community.

Alrighty...I'm off to reconsider the laundry thing. But instead I think I'll charge my iPod. Priorities. It's about that time of year to bust out my running shoes. I'm pretty awesome at talking myself out of it when I don't have my iPod so really I'm being proactive. I actually think running without music is impossible. Kind of like mornings without coffee. Simply pointless. I'm out :)

peace, love, and donut holes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I think my summer just ended.

I spent the morning watching JFK conspiracy theories on the History Channel, and I officially trust no one. Now I'm watching something about whether or not Hitler and Ava Brown actually committed suicide. So thank you, History Channel, for teaching me today that history kind of sucks. Have you ever thought about how much we essentially know because we trust the accounts of others? Who ever knows what's true? I mean, I realize there are primary sources and written documents to rely on, but how much of history is accounted for that way? How do I know that Hitler had one testicle and wasn't accepted into art school? Did he say that in his Mein Kampf rubbish? And how did someone decide that Alexander the Great was gay? Did he throw his javelin like a girl? I'm not discrediting the truth of modern knowledge, but I'd love to learn about the proof. How did the history book come to know this? That'd be kind of fascinating. If this teaching thing doesn't work out I'm going to become a historian. Or an exterminator. Because I've never hated anything more than a gnat, and killing one brings such satisfaction. But that is neither here, nor there.

That gives you a little taste of my life right now. My health has been kind of crummy, so I've spent a large amount of time watching TV. Shark Week never had such great timing. Although, I'm realizing how much of Shark Week repeats itself. I've often been fooled to think that The Discovery Channel was amazing for providing such infinite footage of sharks. But no...the show about shark bites WAS quite similar to the other show about shark bites. And, Air Jaws is indeed the same Air Jaws I watched 3 days prior. Just so you know.

When I finish updating you today, I'm going to go start packing my room. I basically have to move into a new apartment AND a new classroom this week. I'm trying not to hyperventilate in the reality of how much work this will require. So far, so good. But that's mostly because I'm still able to think of tons of reasons to avoid it. You blogging, considering whether or not Oswald acted alone, and mourning the loss of Berkman to the Yankees. I procrastinate until I have just the right amount of pressure built up. It's what I do. You are more than welcome to come help me. I'm so serious. In fact, I demand it. I'll buy you lattes and provide orange slices. Think about it.

Ok, friends. I'm going to go be a productive young woman. I'll let you know when I'm in my new place with another pointless post. Check ya later.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Important Questions

I'm just blogging out of control lately. You're welcome. Today, I decided to get off of my rump and enjoy some time NOT sitting on the couch sulking in my own dental despair. I guess I haven't updated about this. I've been on drugs and without solid foods since my visit to the dentist on Tuesday. It. has. sucked. I'll spare you the specifics. Sunday, I'm going to officially act like I'm finished teething and eat chips and queso. Queso is actually what brought me to this admittedly pointless post. In day dreaming of my reunion with chips and cheese, I was reminded of a trip I took to Austin in which I saw a license plate that said "QUESO". (I think this person and I would be friends. I also think this was a sign from God that Austin is where I need to be.) Anyway...this (naturally) led me here: [not so] important questions.

1. If I could choose any combination of letters and numbers to put on my license plate, what would I choose? HOTBABE4U obviously came to mind immediately.

2. Mannequins: creepier with or without faces? (i.e. Old Navy mannequins vs. your standard mannequin)

3. I saw a slew of birds attacking each other on a power line today. I wondered what the world be like if we could go around randomly punching each other. Then I wondered which of my friends would be very happy with this new social norm. And then I thought of this.

4. Has anyone ever had a gigantic 5-tiered angel food cake as their wedding cake? I hope I can find someone to hook me up with this when the time comes.

5. Taco Bell packets come with little phrases on them. It is someone's JOB to come up with crap to put on there. That's not really a question. But...really?

6. Why doesn't Randy Jackson whiten his bottom teeth as well? The contrast is incredible.

7. Why does Daniel Tosh always refer to the movie Couples Retreat? At least 2 episodes. Promise. I mean, he can do what he wants because he's funny and cute. Still...I noticed, Dan.

8. Does Daniel Tosh act brutally offensive towards girls on dates? This, of course, is of personal concern.

9. Why do men wear Speedos? What is comfortable about constricting spandex and hairy thigh exposure? I want to conduct a survey about this matter, but I think I'd even feel awkward standing next to a man in a Speedo. I mean, I'm going to be real. "Bulge." Sick. Perhaps by phone. Or by mail.

10. Why the heck does Jersey Shore exist?

11. Where can I ride a train in the U.S.? No, not the kiddie train that goes through the Katy Mills Mall. I want to get in a real train and travel that way. Ideas?

12. How are Blockbuster and Hastings doing financially? I wonder how long it will be before Red Box and Netflix take over. Is it ok to hate those guys? My hometown is now officially without a rental facility you can actually step inside of. Lame. Browsing is all the fun.

13. Will I resent my child while I'm pregnant because I can't have my standard level of caffeine? My poor baby. And husband during this weening process.

14. Warm toilet seat or cold toilet seat. Which is worse to sit on initially?

Ok...because I know the toilet seat question is obviously most important and may require serious thought, I'll stop here. I'd love your answers. And your questions. Go.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Waffle House Research

Ok, guys. I've been doing research on this Waffle House debacle. I've kind of come to love this place. In fact, I think I may find one and pay a visit this weekend. I don't know if I'll be ordering any of the food, but perhaps I can stand to drink the coffee and read a book for the ambiance of it all. I bet it's a friggin' sweet place for people-watching. Or, for engaging in conversations with creepy truckers or other distinguished patrons. There are, indeed, some interesting things to know about Waffle House. (And yes, I have a life. What gave you the preposterous idea that I don't? Geez.)

#1: It opened a long time ago. In 1955, the first Waffle House was opened by a couple of chums who still run the joints today. By the end of the '70s they had 401 restaurants. (Now, about 1,600.) Everything was so much cooler before I was born. Sometimes, this elicits an emotional response deep inside that resembles that of being pissed off. But I think the waitresses looked so glamorous back in the day. If I lived back then and could wear my hair that way with the cute outfit, I'd work at the Waffle House, for sure. There was just something special about the lady at the diner in those days. Now, the lady at the diner is usually missing a tooth, has a raspy voice and a smoker's cough. Is that rude and prejudice of me? Sorry. She's probably really sweet.

#2: The Waffle House reopened its original location in Georgia for a museum in 2007. That's right. A Waffle House Museum. I wish I had known this during my trip. I don't exactly know what this museum houses, but this is what the Waffle House website says it looks like. I think it's so cool that all the visitors have old cars. It really contributes to the history of the place. Wait..

#3: According to a USA Today article, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lived off of grits and eggs at the Waffle House while he was traveling a tiny wrestling circuit making $40 a day. Who doesn't love The Rock and his tough exterior, yet, ever-so-tender interior in movies such as The Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan? His bod doesn't suck either. If you're into rock-hard muscles and sexy tattoos. But who'd secretly be into that?

#4: The Waffle House includes a "Featured Waffle House Regular" on its website. With every refresh you get to meet a person who adores the Waffle House, hear their sweet sentimental story, and their favorite thing to order. I think I have a new item to add to my bucket list.

#5: An Anderson Cooper 360 correspondent also noticed the abundance of Waffle Houses while touring the Florida panhandle to talk to people about the oil spill. His curiosity motivated him to visit this fascinating "house of waffles". He so thoroughly enjoyed himself that he, too, was moved to blog about it. In his blog he mentioned the no-nonsense way you get what you order at the Waffle House. And, the innovative way you don't have to ask for a refill of coffee. Instead, the waitress just, like, walks by and GIVES it to you. Gosh, what a brilliant concept. I couldn't help but wonder where this guy has been eating all his life.

#6: Probably the most interesting thing about Waffle House is what happened in 2008. Beginning in a restaurant in Georgia, and in 30 others by 2009, The Waffle House began providing "by reservation only" candlelight service on Valentine's Day. That's right, guys. Nothing says "I love you" like sharing a stack of waffles while sitting right next to your honey in a sticky booth. I joke, but I do think this would be a fun date. I'm interested. Now, no need to fight, boys. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day so there will be ample opportunity to go with each of you on Valentine's Day 2011. Holla and I'll pencil you in :)

Ok, to wrap it up, I'll leave you with the link to the Waffle House "Fun Facts" page. Because who ISN'T curious about the distance the bacon served each year would reach if placed end-to-end?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thoughts on The Dirty South and Etcetera

So, I went on a road trip to Savannah, GA. It was quite pleasant. I have decided that Texas is the smartest of the south, however. Other states down here just aren't wise about the way they lay cities or how they appropriately place their businesses for convenient highway access. They also have no idea how to clearly word road signs. And...they have far too many Waffle Houses. How are these places still in business? Have you ever seen a car at a Waffle House? No, you haven't. So it boggles me that not only do Waffle Houses still exist, but that you'll find one at each exit. I'm dying to learn more about this chain and its operators.

I've been thinking a lot about autumn today. I'm freaking excited. It's just the best time of the year, hands down. I mean, you have World Series action, the beginning of football season and basketball season soon after. Your favorite shows come back on. Everything smells better. Have you ever noticed that? The trees turn pretty colors. The temperature is just right and I can save the world one pair of pants at a time by covering my pasty legs back up. Autumn wins. I'll get married in the fall. Count on it.

So...Georgia. It was magical. Savannah is the sweetest place. I couldn't imagine calling a place like that my home. (Pictures are available here.) If anyone knows me, they know my affection for old things. That makes Savannah a prime destination for a Coby vacay. Do you ever feel all weird when you're standing in a place so many people have been before you? a place where you know that there was once nothing until someone created a something a long time ago and that something is still standing right before you. Ya know? haha...that made total sense, right? But really...historical sites and buildings blow my mind. It's so eerie. In a cool way.

Speaking of eerie, I saw Inception last night. I'm pretty sure that is the most complex and ingenious thing I've seen in a long time. Perhaps ever. I couldn't help but consider the mind of the writer. I'm so mediocre. From there I began contemplating reality and almost had a panic attack in the theater, so I ate more Raisinets and moved on with life. But seriously...see Inception. I'll go with you.

That's all I've got today, guys. I'm pretty worthless and kind of ready to go back to work. In the meantime I'll go work on my bucket list and Google "Waffle House". Stay classy :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another List

As inspired by my 25th birthday and a recent photo album I viewed on Facebook (thank you, Penny Lueders, for your Hershey's pictures :) ) I have been considering my bucket list. What do I want to do before I die? I'm sure this list won't ever be exhaustive, but I have come up with a few things thus far.

1. Obviously, my muse: visit the Hershey's factory.
2. Travel through a significant amount of Europe. Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy, and England over and over again.
3. Write a book. Most likely a children's book. I might be able to generate enough pages for a short story. We'll see.
4. Own and operate a coffee shop/bakery...perhaps even a B&B.
5. Play the tambourine and sing back up vocals for a band.
6. Take a ballet class.
7. Improve my piano skills for the sole purpose of playing at church when I'm old.
8. Renovate an old house. Preferably a house with wood flooring, arched doorways and a white picket fence.
9. Plant a garden that grows all of the produce I need for cooking.
10. Make babies.
11. Spend a summer teaching or talking about Jesus in another country.
12. Buy a freaking huge and expensive camera.
13. Learn to play a video game like Halo or Modern Warfare.
14. Read the classics. All the Hemingway, Faulkner, Poe, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Dumas etc. I can stand.
15. Complete a crossword puzzle from the NY Times without cheating.
16. Eat a hot dog at Wrigley Field.
17. Learn about wine. Not so much that I'm obnoxious, but enough.
18. Surf.
19. Speak a sexy amount of French.
20. Experience a rap concert.

Ok...20 is a good, solid, round number to end on. Hopefully I'll add to this as I mark things off. I'm a quarter of a century old now. I should probably get started. Tomorrow, I'll begin reading The Count of Monte Cristo as my official bucket list kick-off. I just realized that none of my items are dangerous or risky. I think I lack adventure. Therefore, I'll add another.
21. Hike through Costa Rica or climb a mountain OR go white water rafting. Or all three.
Ok, that's the list. 21 is better than 20. A winning hand adds up to 21 in black jack, you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, and 50 Cent had 21 questions. I like 21. What's on your list?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Update #1

My summer officially begins in 3 days. Wednesday, June 30, marks the start of a school-less summer. This makes me very, very happy.

Some things rocking my world right now:

1. The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s. If I could have them all, my iTunes collection (and my life) would be complete.

2. Austin, TX. I mean, this isn't really a surprise. It always rocks my world. But, I recently got to spend some time there. I'm going back again soon. Like, within the next couple of weeks. Probably more than once.

3. This. I think I'll grow to enjoy them a lot. Plus, there's an appearance by my girl crush, Zooey Deschanel. Done.

4. My 25th. I may or may not surprise you with my 2-5 antics. Stay tuned :)

5. Fish. For those of you that know me, you realize this is insane. I've always hated fish. I've added "loving fish" to my list of things to do this summer. I'm starting with tacos. You put anything into a tortilla and it's better.

6. Planning trips. First, there's Georgia. Soon after, it's Costa Rica. Then a backpacking adventure through Ireland. Don't say "yeah, right", hoes. It's happening.

7. Lists. Can you tell? Most of my blog entries are lists.

8. My patio. It's never too hot there. Especially when wine is involved.

9. Learning how to grow an herb garden. I'm going to buy my babies sometime this week. I really suck at taking care of plants. I've killed a bamboo and an Easter Lily in the last few months. I don't know if you guys know anything about botany, but rumor has it those are both very low maintenance and easy to keep. Sigh...I won't give up.

10. Heaven. I refresh this multiple times a day.

Well, that'll do. You've been updated :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love summer nights. Screw the bugs.

With summer upon me, I'm coming up with a list of things to do while I revel in the greatest advantage of the profession I've chosen: a paid summer off of work. Although I AM working a session of summer school to earn vacation money, I will still have a solid 5 hours of daylight remaining when I get off of work at 3:30. With this time, I'm going to do cool things. A few of these include:

fall in love with running again
sit by the pool
read books that grown ups read--not 6th graders
get a boy to write a song about me
make my mom the dress that Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman when they go to the polo game
enjoy a fan-freaking-tastic road trip to Savannah, GA with Carla Hartley :)
squeeze in a cruise to some place sunny
stay up past midnight
finish a quilt
frequent the farmer's market
dance more
spend the fewest number of weekends in Houston as possible
start a book of family/personal/tasty recipes
take my nieces somewhere fun
get silly in Port A

If you're reading this, you're holding me accountable. Deal? Deal.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I got an iPhone. It's glorious. I am obsessed with Words with Friends. (CobyLT...bring it.) I love words. I also enjoy scoring points. This is obviously the perfect game for me. I have quite a few challenges going on, and I have a feeling that someone is cheating. (TyMire25, if you're reading this...I hope you know that cheaters never win. However, you have beaten me 3 times now, I believe. So really, they DO win. But it's annoying. Your high scoring words are absurd. I'll keep playing, but know that I'm onto you and I'm aware of the Words with Friends Cheats app. Don't be that guy.)

I am very behind on blogging. I think the best thing to do is to start with spring break. It's been over a week since it ended and still, I dream about it. You'd think I was being dramatic, but I'm sincere. I loved spring break. Like, I big and tall loved spring break. I spent time with my babies, I spent time in the sunshine, and I spent time in Austin with music and wine. All of these are in my top 10 favorite things amongst Jesus and Mexican food. Thus my joy.

Some random thoughts and additional happenings for you as of late:

I hate when toilet paper dispensers regulate the number of plies you are allowed. You know? Like, when you pull too hard it breaks over and over again. Until, after a flustered experience on the toilet you stick your hand INTO the dispenser and manually turn the roll yourself, releasing a satisfying amount of paper. After you've probably cut your hand on the freaking spiky things that assist in the tearing of the paper, you're finally able to finish up this process. It's troublesome.
This being said, I've decided that the ply measurement for toilet paper is pointless. Plies are much too small. A wad of toilet paper is necessary on every occasion. I don't care who you are. People don't count plies, and even if they did, I can guarantee they need more than 3. Therefore, I propose that if you really feel as though you need to divide the roll into something, make it meaningful and make your plies bigger. Or just let us rip the crap without perforation where we see fit. I mean, really. We can handle it. I'm taking this to Charmin. End rant.

Question: How much money is too much money to spend on iTunes a month? Yikes.
If you want to do something nice for yourself buy She & Him's Volume II, Vampire Weekend's Contra, and then, go ahead and purchase the song "Lover" by Devendra Banhart. You'll immediately be filled with happiness and sunshine. All of these are a glimpse of my springtime soundtrack. Be a pal and send other suggestions if you have some! But know ahead of time that I think a lot of stuff is stupid and I might ignore you. Sorry, it's not you, it's me.

I'm in the market for a piano. I looked into a new one and it basically costs more than a new car. Flippin' yeah, I'm serious. Where the heck have I been to not have realized this? Anyway...pianos for sale?

Did you know that the McDonald's Egg McMuffin is delicious? I was recently reunited with them and I've eaten 2 in the last 36 hours. Take the nasty ham stuff out and it's incredible. Go enjoy one soon.

I am the ultimate roadtripper this spring. I haven't stayed in Houston in a while, and I don't see it in my near future. I'm ok with this. Holla, and I'll let you know when I'm in a city near you.

Ok guys, it's my move on WWF. Crumpet, tea, a book, and I'm out by 9:30 tonight. Swear.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i crave nourishment so strongly it resembles that of a wild canine

The first thing you need to do is figure out the title of this blog. It's the new cool thing on Twitter in which you translate pop lyrics into formal language. I stole this one from Dave Barnes. It is funny.

I want a sunburn.

I decided today that I want to begin writing a children's book. You will be informed when it's published. As of now, I'm deciding what the book will be about. And how the heck you write a book.

I'm about to partake in the 6th course of my dinner. It's a hot dog. I honestly don't think I've had one of these since the high school snack bar. If it were next week, I'd have an iPhone, and I'd take a picture of everything I'm eating and post it on Facebook. I don't know why, really. Most things are just funnier to me than they are to others.

I'm very excited that Jim and Pam are having their baby tonight. I feel like my friend is having a baby. And no, I'm not ashamed of this emotional attachment.

I can't wait for spring break. It better be sunny, or I'll cry. I have to read the Twilight books, or my kids win a pizza party. I'm beginning to think that I'd rather pay the $30.

Do you ever wonder what the relationship between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest is like behind the scenes? They're so darn mean to each other. It makes me uncomfortable to watch sometimes. I'm on Simon's side. Seacrest is a fart knocker.

You know who I like lately? U2.

I just finished my hot dog. Could probably puke.

Welp, see ya later. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I want to ride in a bobsled. A lot. That's really all you need to know about my thoughts on the Olympics. Also, I wouldn't be opposed to making out with Shaun White if given the opportunity. And I think that I'd punch my son if he wanted to be a figure skater. I've never punched a person, but I feel like this would be an acceptable punch moment. It's harsh, but I at least need him to feel manly for a second. And then, I guess I'd let him do what he wants. I'm only kidding. No, but seriously.
Ok, those are my Olympic thoughts.

If you're ever needing a pick-me-up, listen to Yahoo Radio's Big Hits of the 90's station. The first song that came on was "Jump, Jump" by the young backward pants wearing sensations, Kriss Kross. I would have gotten up and "jump, jump"ed for joy had there not been maintenance men replacing the florescent lights in my classroom. I wondered as my station played if they were jamming and enjoying my tunes as well. I think the 90s are something everyone can agree on. If you disagree, you're dumb. :)
You know what else I like? Old country music. Even Dwight Yoakum. You heard me.

I got sick again. Now it's sinus pressure that I fear will pop my eyeballs out of my head. You like that visual? It's stoops. That means "stupid". I got this from my cute little Alaskan friend. I miss her.
Although sick, I spent an amazing weekend with some amazing senior girls and adults from church at an amazing event called Breaking Free. God did amazing things :) Ask me about it.

Below you will find some verses that fight off the cold and icky. I put their theme in bold, because that's what a good language arts teacher would do. I have been considering these verses lately, and will hopefully post something on that soon. In the meantime, I hope they make you warm and fuzzy. I gotta jet. Idol's on :)

"And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness."--Genesis 1:2-4

"You are my lamp, O LORD;
the LORD turns my darkness into light."--2 Samuel 22:29

"Arise, shine, for your light has come..."--Isaiah 60:1

"The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory."--Isaiah 60:19

"He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him."--Daniel 2:22

"Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light."--Micah 7:8

"It will be a unique day, without daytime or nighttime—a day known to the LORD. When evening comes, there will be light."--Zechariah 14:7

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."--Matthew 5:16

"The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world."--John 1:9

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light".--Ephesians 5:8

"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all."--1 John 1:5

"There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever."--Revelation 22:5

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pizzle Twizzle

I'm watching the Super Bowl alone. I think that what you do on Super Bowl Sunday is a great indication of how popular you are. I'm not pouting, because I did get papers graded and some to-do's marked off the list. I'm only saying that I may or may not be a nerd. I haven't been too terribly impressed with commercials. The commercial and the Bud Light house commercial made me sad for the world. What some people think is cool is so not cool. And as you can tell by my social life, I'm obviously a pretty good judge of cool.

Ok, as promised, I'm gonna see if I can wrap my head around what Proverbs 4:23 has made me consider. I don't really know where to begin or where this will end. So, here comes word vomit.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

I read this verse multiple times recently. Then I kinda just stared at it. It has always seemed so simple, and it's something I tell all girls that deal with boys being turds to them. "Guard your heart, friend. Guard your heart." I've even reminded myself to do the same on multiple occasions. I know it as Truth, but I don't know if I truly ever knew what that looked like. Not only that, but I don't think I ever considered why this was in the Bible. Why did God say to guard my heart? From what? From who? The wellspring of life? What the deuce is a wellspring? I've always just taken this to mean something along the lines of keeping my heart to myself. Not necessarily as a cold, bitter loner, but more along the lines of being careful. It's always given me a sense of caution in that I shouldn't give my heart to anyone or anything that doesn't glorify God or that brings me pain in any way. Well ok, that makes sense. Thanks, I'll do my best, God.
But...He took it to another level when I stared at it like a weirdo. Particularly, the "Above all else..." part. I started to think..."Holy crap. Above all else? I'm supposed to guard my heart above all else?" I don't know about you guys...but "above all else" seems pretty up there. I mean, if Jesus is the Highest and number 1 on my list of priorities, "above all else" only has one other place to land. Right under the way I love Christ, I am supposed to be guarding my heart? My heart is really that important to Him? When I asked these questions, I was first of all humbled. Man, I am adored...and in a big way. I am adored by the God and Creator of everything. I'm kinda awesome. Eh, maybe that isn't humble. But we're allowed to boast in Christ. So boom.
Anyway, when I realized this, a lot of other aspects of this verse made sense. It also changed my life a little when I suddenly thought:
My heart is important to God, and I am supposed to guard it because He DWELLS there!
Crazy, right? God says to guard our heart above all else because the "above all else" is chilling in there. With Jesus, the heart IS the wellspring of life. (The definition of wellspring, by the way, is "an original and bountiful source of something." I looked it up. :) ) Because He is in my heart, I have life. I have a life on earth and a life to come. I have to guard my heart from anything that would compromise this.
So what does it look like? I'm still not sure I know. I only know that the Spirit guides me with peace. When there isn't peace there, there probably isn't much Jesus there either. I can only use my best judgment and discern what I feel God is telling me to do. I feel like there are some questions I need to start asking myself when approached with any situation in order to make sure I'm keeping my heart protected. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Is this what God wants for me? Because He is so concerned with my heart, I know that the Lord has a plan for my life and wants me to experience all the joy that is possible. Even in the junk, He wants me to rejoice. So, if this isn't what I want it to be, or I'm not being treated the way I want to be treated, wouldn't letting go be glorifying Him more? It's easy to get consumed in the worry, pain, anxiety, and uncertainty of a situation. If I'm trusting Him with it, I'm showing the ultimate faith, and I'm protecting my heart from these icky little things.
2. Is this worth the pain that could come with it? Sometimes, I think we keep pressing on through something in faith that it will just dissolve and work itself out. Sure, it will when God is involved, but why stay in the midst of it? And sometimes, I DO think that's what God wants. He wants us to go through this and cling to Him. But, if God provides an alternative, we should probably take it and not stay trapped. To guard my heart, I have to choose my battles.
3. Am I still putting God first? Sometimes, we don't have the dirty stuff. Sometimes, life is peachy keen and relationships are the bomb. Even in the awesome, am I singing praise? Protecting our heart also means keeping ourselves from neglecting God when we don't have something bugging us. We can enjoy our blessings...but not above all else.

So...ok. At the end of the mumbo jumbo, I guess my point is this:

God says that we are to guard our hearts ABOVE ALL ELSE. That's a big freakin' deal. Care about yourself. Know that you are important, and your heart is valuable. You are cherished. Know that God wants the best for you, and if something is constantly making you feel like crap, it probably isn't. It is your responsibility to guard your heart. It may look different for every person, but it's vital nonetheless. Don't give your heart away too easily. To be safe, just go ahead and give Him control of it. If I give to God all of what is His anyway, I'd say my heart is in good hands.

umm..The End? haha :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part-izzle One-izzle

A few things first:

1. I miss you, sunshine. Please come back.
2. I have perfectly fine hygiene, but I dread the days when a shower is unavoidable.
3. It is absolutely impossible for me to stay awake after 10:30pm. I'm embarrassed.
4. God has been working on my heart so much lately. I don't know if I can express fully what's been going through my head, but I'm going to do my best. Check it. (hahaha..."check it". It's ok, you can say it. "You're a dork, Coby.")

First of all, I've been thinking a lot about circumstances and situations. Mostly just some struggles I've been through as a Christian and what God has done with them. I feel like I have to start this off with some background info. This all came to pass when I set out on a Map Quest to Magnolia, TX to see J.J. Heller at Chic-Fil-A. (This sounds like a joke, but it's totally legit.) My roommate, Melissa, and I drove an hour and 45 minutes until we came to terms with the fact that we were lost and that my directions were extremely false. Thus we saw the "Woodlands Parkway" sign, and realized we were in The Woodlands somehow. So running 30-45 minutes late by now anyhow, we decided to void the concert idea altogether and eat at The Cheesecake Factory instead. It was delicious. I kept making the joke last night that Melissa and I should have known that something like this would happen, because this is just another day in the life of me. I'm mostly a mess with a terrible sense of direction, but I have developed a sense of humor about it. However, all of this led me to thoughts about the unexpected. In thinking about it today, I believe with all of my heart that where I ended up last night was exactly where I was supposed to be. And from here, I got to thinking about some of the heartache and stresses I've had in the last 7'ish years. Some of the things I've been through and the very unexpected turns my life has taken. (Tell me a year ago that I'd be teaching 6th grade language arts in Houston now and I'd say "you crazy". Yes, "you crazy", not "you're crazy" as one might expect from an English teacher. I like to keep it real.) And suddenly I thought: Would I be where I am now with the Lord if everything were always perfect? If I never had the disappointments or the mile-long to-do lists, would I have pursued Him and prayed to Him like I did? In those moments when I was in pain, anxious, afraid, uncertain, heartbroken, and insecure, and I was sure my life was just a big mess, I look back in my journal and I'm crying out to the Lord. I'm examining my heart and I'm reaching for Him. I'm reading His Word and He was the only peace I found. He not only gave me strength and carried me through, but I praise Him now because I'm on the other side. And I'm on the other side with a strengthened faith and a relationship with Christ. I know now that God wanted me closest to Him...whatever it took. He WANTED me to need Him. And gosh, I did. The crap it took for me to get there sucked, but I see now that is was worth it. And so, I believe and I know that when things in life seem tough or that they aren't working goodness...they're working out indeed. I pray to live a life of faith in this. To know that where we are is exactly where we're supposed to be. Perhaps we needed to be going through that specific situation at that specific moment for God to grow us in maturity, truth, wisdom, or humility. Perhaps the unexpected is better for us. Whatever it may be, I DO know that our God mostly just wants us where He is...whatever it takes. :)
That is the condensed version of Part I of what's on my heart. I'll write Part II when it isn't so close to 10:30. Clue: It has everything to do with Proverbs 4:23.
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

I can't get rid of the dang italics now. Goodnight :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kellogg's Special K

Ok, I write to you as I do what I do: eat cereal out of a box. I call my Mac the "Dirty Mac" (said to the tune of "Dirty Pop"), because usually I eat some cereal (or whatever I'm snacking on at the moment...and trust me, there is always a snack), then I type what I'm working on or click on stuff. Therefore, my Mac is dirty and sometimes even sticky. This is gross to you, and I understand that. However, it's my Mac and not yours, so I can do what I want. :) I will publicly apologize to my roommate, though, for "my chair" and the tiny pieces of cereal that are always on it. That IS gross, and I will do better.

I don't have much to tell you guys. The coolest/most disgusting/interesting thing that has happened to me lately is a stomach virus I received from my [sorta] sweet little niece on Saturday. I haven't been sick like that since I was 5. Seriously. Before I tell you all about it, is it too ridiculously sad that this is all I have to blog about? Rhetorical. Don't answer that.
Out of auntie love, I did my best to rush Brooklyn to the toilet and clean up puke after each of her vomit episodes on Saturday. In doing so, I drove home Sunday afternoon with a nausea that I can't explain. I tried to tough it out (because I'm tough, duh), but when I arrived at Starbucks to meet some friends, I realized that I either needed to get home, or risk making a nasty spectacle of myself in public. So I did (come home). And then I did (puke). More than once (4 times). My lovely roommate and her obedient boyfriend were SO great in helping me to feel better with saltines, 7-Up (yours), and strawberry Jello. I'm not sure I would have survived without them. Sooo in all of that, I decided to find a sub for Monday and miss school unexpectedly for the first time this year. I slept a LOT, and had a headache from dehydration the entire Monday. It was poopy. Then I came back to school Tuesday still hazy and super unprepared. Those kids can sense crap like that, I swear. It was a wasted day, but I made it, and tomorrow is Friday. It turns out that the previously mentioned virus is super contagious, and my entire family ended up with it. I hope you didn't get it from reading about it. The End.
Great story, I know. I also just made myself sound disgusting. I promise I'm a lady...mostly.

Speaking of ladies. something nice for yourself and enjoy Song of Songs 2:10-13. Oh. My. Gosh.

My lover spoke and said to me,
"Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.

The fig tree forms its early fruit;
the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
my beautiful one, come with me."

So, after an entire blog about my eating habits and puking, I mean, I just don't get why I'm still single. Seriously. But after THAT...who the heck needs a boyfriend? I've got Jesus.

Later, guys :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet

I love Taco Bell. I don't eat fast food, but when I do, it's Taco Bell. Particularly the Fresca Chicken Burrito Supreme. Talk about yum. This has nothing to do with anything else I'm going to write about. My belly and I just simply wanted to share this love with you.

So, the other night I was driving home from work and listening to the radio. It was one of those freaking sweet moments when every song is my favorite song. Like seriously. I was fist pumping and smiling and could have jumped out of my seat. I was crunk. First, it was "Your Hands" by JJ Heller. Then, it was "City on Our Knees" by Toby Mac. THEN, it was "How He Loves Us" by David Crowder. And THEN...a song came on by Aaron Shust called "My Savior, My God". Have you heard this song? Well, the whole thing rocks my socks, but there is one particular lyric that has been stuck in my head since Monday. "That He who lives to be my King, once died to be my Savior". I keep saying it over and over. What an amazing, humbling, noble, incredible, indescribable, invaluable, ultimate, beautiful thing. I mean, seriously. It would be enough that this God gives me life, guides my every moment, takes care of my needs, plans my future, and loves me more than anything in this world and beyond. But He gave His life for me! This King. An almighty and powerful King and Ruler of the universe died in my place. He left His place on high and saved me. He did this before I knew Him. He stays with me now even though He knows me. I'm so lucky. We're all really lucky. Thank you, Jesus. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I carried a watermelon

Ok, girls. Get ready to freak out. (You're supposed to click on the "freak out". Just making sure you don't miss it, because I do realize that this is very high-tech blogger of me.)

That's right. The real "Kellerman's" offers Dirty Dancing Weekends. Get your girls together, and me and mine will meet you there. A good question arose, however, when sharing this with my sister in law. What boys do we dance with? I mean, this is the ultimate girl's trip. But if a bunch of girls go together, who do we dance to the Pechanga with? Kinda weird to do this with another chick. Which brings me to my next point: I would be very ok if my husband never wanted to do something like this with me. I'm just saying, if my husband wanted to take me to a weekend at the Dirty Dancing resort, I may or may not think he was fruity. Or that he loves me a whole heck of a lot...and then, that he's fruity.

I'm watching Dateline right now about Las Vegas sting operations to catch car thieves. They basically leave a computer-controlled car chilling, and then totally bust anyone that takes it. It blew my mind how many people actually went for it. I feel like a car would be the last thing I stole. Perhaps things that fit into my purse, the inside of my jacket, or a pocket. Some lipstick, jolly ranchers, or a lint roller, maybe. But a car? How the crap do you get away with that? I hope a lot of them don't. Idiots.

So, I bought a hat this weekend. I don't know why this is such big news, but I feel like it is. I'm not sure where to wear hats. My friend, Carla, and I said it was ok to wear this hat shopping during the day. So that, I shall. It's my shopping hat. Any other thoughts on hat occasions? I like this hat because I am able to tuck my ears into it. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but my ears and I have a huge conflict of interest. I don't, in fact, enjoy it when they stick out through my hair. This hat keeps them in check.

Lastly, I have a dead Christmas tree on my balcony. Don't judge me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bippity Boppity Boo

So, I've realized my purpose on earth.

I was talking to some teacher friends about their trips to Disney World, and it hit me like a brick. (That is a simile--a comparison using "like" or "as".) I am opening a savings account next week called the Disney World fund, and I am taking my nieces there in December of 2011. Yes, it IS a long engagement, but I am certain it is right. Brooklyn is absolutely in love with Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, tea parties, and ballerinas. She is all things girl (although, I did force upon her my expectation of athleticism with a basketball goal that I'm not sure she's touched since Christmas.) I'm pretty sure that I NEED to see her face when she sees Disney princesses. She'll flip. It's happening, guys. Ask me about the DW fund when you see me.

I've also decided that I won't settle for less than really talented children. I'm making it my goal to breed some. Anyone know where talented guys hang out?

Something serious on my heart lately is My Utmost for His Highest. I realize this is an old, classic devotional, but I'm just now starting it. You guys. Holy crap. It's changing my life, and every day is so relevant. The concept of "my best for His glory" blows my mind in itself. Please buy it, and put it on your nightstand. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

so come on, fatso, and just bust a move

I have a few more not-quite-as-deep-and-serious new year's resolutions. They include:

1. Create the ultimate iPod. I am a self-proclaimed music snob. I have music on my iPod that I love, but no one else ever wants me in on the iPod rotation on road trips. That will all change this year. I am going to work ever-so-diligently to compile the greatest mix ever. I won't limit myself to the indie stuff that I can't listen to on the radio. No, if it's a good song, or even a lame song that makes me want to sing and dance, it shall be mine. I'll dig into the past, and I will cross genres. Me and my iPod will be the life of every dance party. It will be rad.

2. I want to be my grandma. I saw this book at Barnes & Noble the other night called "How to Sew on a Button". It's basically all the stuff your grandma knows how to do. I'm going to buy it, and I'm going to domesticate myself to the extreme.

3. I am going to begin acquiring more girly things. This includes dresses, and accessories. I'm talking earrings that dangle, and shoes with heels. Maybe even some boots. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

4. I am going to learn how to take freakin' sweet pictures. A friend recently gave me a pretty nice camera. It isn't digital, but I love it already. Every picture counts. It's fun. Here are some:

I'm going to carry it with me to most places, even though film costs serious moolah, and I look like a tourist.

5. I'm not going to take myself too seriously. Or anything for that matter.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"you know who said that? Jesus."

A new year has arrived! It really is amazing how motivating that is for so many people. Including myself. I feel challenged and excited. Before I get into what's up with it lately, let's talk about how amazing teacher holidays are. Um...the ultimate. Ok, that's all I have to say about that.
So my break was the bomb. I spent half of it at home with my babies. Talking about them makes my heart want to explode. They are so sweet and funny, and I am so excited to watch them grow. I've started talking to Brooklyn about Jesus. He's in her heart, for sure.
I spent probably one of my favorite days visiting a couple of friends in Victoria and San Antonio. I love driving with good music, and good conversations with sweet friends.
Now, I'm nearing the end of this break, and have much to think about before school starts back up Monday. I keep having dreams that when we get back the students are super rude, and don't listen to a word I say. Great.
So, I think the first blog of a new year has to involve resolutions. I definitely have some. I have mixed emotions on resolutions, because I would rather be this determined all year long, and not have to make a spectacle of it. However, years ago, I resolved to give up soda, and I now maaaybe drink 3 a year. I don't even like them much. So resolve, I honor of Sprite.

1. Daily time with Jesus scheduled into my day. Not just the drifting off to sleep prayer, but the for real, purposeful, studying the Word time. If I can alter my schedule around my handful of TV shows, I'm pretty sure I can do the same for Jesus. Geez, Coby.
2. Learning about, studying, and applying Scripture.
3. My time and energies concentrated on serving Him. My best for His glory. I want to volunteer, and serve strangers. I want to have relationships with kids. I want to be active.
4. Time management, organization, and preparation. Basically, I need to stop acting like I'm an experienced teacher. I wing it too much. This is my first year, and I need to learn how to develop solid lesson plans. Not to mention, I don't want my class to suck.
5. Financial responsibility. I want to be a good steward with what God gives me. I need to budget and save. I need to make tithing my priority and trust the Lord with what is His anyway.
6. Confidence in what I stand for, and who I am.
For Zion's sake I will not keep silent,
for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet,
till her righteousness shines out like the dawn,
her salvation like a blazing torch.
The nations will see your righteousness,
and all kings your glory...
Isaiah 62:1-2
7. An open heart that belongs to the Lord. Being single and pushing 25 has its pressures. Especially when friends are getting married, and I really dig Jane Austen. I want to remember that I have the opportunity to give all of my heart to Christ, and truly getting to know Him right now. At the same time, I can get to know myself, and allow Him to mold me into the wife and mother he'll someday call me to be.
8. A healthy lifestyle that schedules exercise into my routine. I want to find a place to run, and fall in love with it again.
9. An ear that listens more and a mouth that speaks less.
10. Truly love my friends and family, and give myself to relationships.
11. Read more books, listen to more music.

So, there you have it. Maybe, I should add blogging to my resolutions so that I can keep you updated on progress made. But eh, I'll keep it real :)