Friday, July 30, 2010

Important Questions

I'm just blogging out of control lately. You're welcome. Today, I decided to get off of my rump and enjoy some time NOT sitting on the couch sulking in my own dental despair. I guess I haven't updated about this. I've been on drugs and without solid foods since my visit to the dentist on Tuesday. It. has. sucked. I'll spare you the specifics. Sunday, I'm going to officially act like I'm finished teething and eat chips and queso. Queso is actually what brought me to this admittedly pointless post. In day dreaming of my reunion with chips and cheese, I was reminded of a trip I took to Austin in which I saw a license plate that said "QUESO". (I think this person and I would be friends. I also think this was a sign from God that Austin is where I need to be.) Anyway...this (naturally) led me here: [not so] important questions.

1. If I could choose any combination of letters and numbers to put on my license plate, what would I choose? HOTBABE4U obviously came to mind immediately.

2. Mannequins: creepier with or without faces? (i.e. Old Navy mannequins vs. your standard mannequin)

3. I saw a slew of birds attacking each other on a power line today. I wondered what the world be like if we could go around randomly punching each other. Then I wondered which of my friends would be very happy with this new social norm. And then I thought of this.

4. Has anyone ever had a gigantic 5-tiered angel food cake as their wedding cake? I hope I can find someone to hook me up with this when the time comes.

5. Taco Bell packets come with little phrases on them. It is someone's JOB to come up with crap to put on there. That's not really a question. But...really?

6. Why doesn't Randy Jackson whiten his bottom teeth as well? The contrast is incredible.

7. Why does Daniel Tosh always refer to the movie Couples Retreat? At least 2 episodes. Promise. I mean, he can do what he wants because he's funny and cute. Still...I noticed, Dan.

8. Does Daniel Tosh act brutally offensive towards girls on dates? This, of course, is of personal concern.

9. Why do men wear Speedos? What is comfortable about constricting spandex and hairy thigh exposure? I want to conduct a survey about this matter, but I think I'd even feel awkward standing next to a man in a Speedo. I mean, I'm going to be real. "Bulge." Sick. Perhaps by phone. Or by mail.

10. Why the heck does Jersey Shore exist?

11. Where can I ride a train in the U.S.? No, not the kiddie train that goes through the Katy Mills Mall. I want to get in a real train and travel that way. Ideas?

12. How are Blockbuster and Hastings doing financially? I wonder how long it will be before Red Box and Netflix take over. Is it ok to hate those guys? My hometown is now officially without a rental facility you can actually step inside of. Lame. Browsing is all the fun.

13. Will I resent my child while I'm pregnant because I can't have my standard level of caffeine? My poor baby. And husband during this weening process.

14. Warm toilet seat or cold toilet seat. Which is worse to sit on initially?

Ok...because I know the toilet seat question is obviously most important and may require serious thought, I'll stop here. I'd love your answers. And your questions. Go.


  1. Trains across the US do exist, and I'd love to go on one.
    Let me know if you book a trip on one! :)

  2. I have some answers for you:
    question #-
    1) CITYGIRL (just so everyone knows I'm beyond the fayette county line...As if it wasn't obvious:) Hotbabe4u??? Really Cobes??

    4) Your the only person in the world that admits they like angelfood I doubt it's been done, but I will personally make it happen, and make it fabulous if that's what u really want!

    10) because it's a fabulous train wreck that u can't stop watching if it's on.

    13) I drank un-standard amounts of coffee my entire pregnancy with Brooklyn, and she's a genius...yes, a spaz, but pretty perfect. I had a double small mocha every morning. I highly recommend it:) That may played a role in her being the fattest baby ever, but oh well!!

    14) Warm is WAY worse than cold!! That means someone elses hot, disgusting but was JUST there...EEEEEEW:(

    hope i've helped! Haha...

  3. PS--that sounded bad...I didn't mean I was better that anyone in LG:) Just that I not from around here:) Just clarifying !!

  4. PSS: yes I know "butt" has two t's. Typo...