Friday, July 23, 2010

Waffle House Research

Ok, guys. I've been doing research on this Waffle House debacle. I've kind of come to love this place. In fact, I think I may find one and pay a visit this weekend. I don't know if I'll be ordering any of the food, but perhaps I can stand to drink the coffee and read a book for the ambiance of it all. I bet it's a friggin' sweet place for people-watching. Or, for engaging in conversations with creepy truckers or other distinguished patrons. There are, indeed, some interesting things to know about Waffle House. (And yes, I have a life. What gave you the preposterous idea that I don't? Geez.)

#1: It opened a long time ago. In 1955, the first Waffle House was opened by a couple of chums who still run the joints today. By the end of the '70s they had 401 restaurants. (Now, about 1,600.) Everything was so much cooler before I was born. Sometimes, this elicits an emotional response deep inside that resembles that of being pissed off. But I think the waitresses looked so glamorous back in the day. If I lived back then and could wear my hair that way with the cute outfit, I'd work at the Waffle House, for sure. There was just something special about the lady at the diner in those days. Now, the lady at the diner is usually missing a tooth, has a raspy voice and a smoker's cough. Is that rude and prejudice of me? Sorry. She's probably really sweet.

#2: The Waffle House reopened its original location in Georgia for a museum in 2007. That's right. A Waffle House Museum. I wish I had known this during my trip. I don't exactly know what this museum houses, but this is what the Waffle House website says it looks like. I think it's so cool that all the visitors have old cars. It really contributes to the history of the place. Wait..

#3: According to a USA Today article, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lived off of grits and eggs at the Waffle House while he was traveling a tiny wrestling circuit making $40 a day. Who doesn't love The Rock and his tough exterior, yet, ever-so-tender interior in movies such as The Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan? His bod doesn't suck either. If you're into rock-hard muscles and sexy tattoos. But who'd secretly be into that?

#4: The Waffle House includes a "Featured Waffle House Regular" on its website. With every refresh you get to meet a person who adores the Waffle House, hear their sweet sentimental story, and their favorite thing to order. I think I have a new item to add to my bucket list.

#5: An Anderson Cooper 360 correspondent also noticed the abundance of Waffle Houses while touring the Florida panhandle to talk to people about the oil spill. His curiosity motivated him to visit this fascinating "house of waffles". He so thoroughly enjoyed himself that he, too, was moved to blog about it. In his blog he mentioned the no-nonsense way you get what you order at the Waffle House. And, the innovative way you don't have to ask for a refill of coffee. Instead, the waitress just, like, walks by and GIVES it to you. Gosh, what a brilliant concept. I couldn't help but wonder where this guy has been eating all his life.

#6: Probably the most interesting thing about Waffle House is what happened in 2008. Beginning in a restaurant in Georgia, and in 30 others by 2009, The Waffle House began providing "by reservation only" candlelight service on Valentine's Day. That's right, guys. Nothing says "I love you" like sharing a stack of waffles while sitting right next to your honey in a sticky booth. I joke, but I do think this would be a fun date. I'm interested. Now, no need to fight, boys. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day so there will be ample opportunity to go with each of you on Valentine's Day 2011. Holla and I'll pencil you in :)

Ok, to wrap it up, I'll leave you with the link to the Waffle House "Fun Facts" page. Because who ISN'T curious about the distance the bacon served each year would reach if placed end-to-end?

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